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Kids Golf Lessons

Golf is a sport that is fun for all ages and it can be enjoyed for a lifetime. You’re never too old or too young to be introduced to the great game of golf. Yes-even kids as young as 3-4 years old fall in love with this timeless sport. So if you’re looking for fun kids golf lessons, then don’t look any further than!

Golf lessons for tots is a great place to get started with the age bracket ranging from 4 to 5 years old. At this level, it is of utmost importance to make sure the lessons are FUN and exciting with non-stop movement and a 30-45 minute minimum. The goal with tots golf lessons is to create a fun golf environment where all of children can have a great time while developing their hand-eye coordination. The average attention span of a child at the age of 4 or 5 ranges anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes. Therefore by keeping their full attention with a fun-filled experience, the hope is that they will enjoy themselves while learning the basics skills of golf and as a result, develop an incredible love for the game.

Golf lessons for kids is the next level for children which ranges from age 6-12 years old. At this age, golf students can typically handle an hour long lesson which should include the very basic fundamentals of the game by engaging them through fun golf drills, high energy games and exciting prizes when it’s necessary.

Positive reinforcement is imperative when teaching the game of golf to young children at this level. And you can never have too much enthusiasm or give too much encouragement to kids-they crave it and they need it! Very simply, golf classes for kids are designed to be fun & rewarding so that they want to come back.

The social aspect of taking fun kids golf lessons is a huge benefit. Enhancing personal growth by making new friends can build the confidence that a child desperately needs to succeed in all areas of life. Learning how to work together as a team is vital at this age as well. A good golf instructor can teach children the importance of communicating and interacting with one another and teaching them to respect each other on and off the course. Clearly, there is much more to teaching golf to kids then just hitting the white ball.

Understanding what is means to be a good sport is important to learn at a young age. What is our attitude when we lose? Are we happy for others when they win? The great game of golf serves as a wonderful platform for teaching and for learning life lessons.

In addition, it is extremely helpful for golf students at this young age to be equipped with golf equipment that is their correct size. Golf clubs that fit can make all the difference for a child to have success in learning how to play golf. So why not get your children started today with kids golf lessons only at!


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