Can't Find A Golf Coach That Fits Your Needs?

My name is Adam Gislason and I am the owner of If you can't find a golf coach in your city or one that fits your needs, I would be glad to personally help you find a quality, affordable golf coach for private golf lessons, semi-private golf lessons, group golf lessons or playing lessons 0-10 miles from where you are located for all ages and all skill levels. Please click "Contact Me"!

Group Golf Lessons

If you’re looking for the most affordable way to learn how to play the great game of golf, then group golf lessons are the way to go. Fun group golf lessons are also designed to try to accommodate multiple golfers, which on average can range anywhere from 3-8 golfers. Affordability is also one of the biggest advantages of you taking golf lessons with a group. With multiple students, the total cost of each lesson is shared by all which dramatically decreases the amount for each individual student. As a result, learning how to play golf becomes a reality for golfers who are just unable to afford both private or semi-private golf lessons with a golf coach.

The social aspect is also an added benefit and is one of the main reasons that group golf lessons for both kids and adults are very popular. Learning the fundamentals of golf along with a group of close friends can be motivating, encouraging and also extremely enjoyable. And having some fun with friends-what’s not to love?

You can get into the game together by developing the five basic strokes of golf. Mastering your drive is a great place to start. The fun group setting takes the pressure off of everybody’s individual performance and allows the golfers to enjoy learning as a whole. Group golf lessons are typically taught with golf players that are all at the same skill level for the betterment of the entire group.

Group golf lessons are ideal for the kids who are shy or might be intimidated by the one-on-one instruction that comes with taking private golf lessons. A great group golf lesson for kids can really encourage camaraderie and teamwork which are very important elements for children to grasp both on and off the golf course.

The enthusiasm that can come from participating in an exciting group activity is contagious and also motivating and as a result can build confidence and make a lasting impact in a child’s life. Group golf lessons are a great fit for kids who just want to learn how to play golf and have a great time with some of their friends.

Learning to socialize with their peers is essential whether they are playing golf or out on the playground. Grab your friends and learn how to play one of the world’s most popular sports. Golf is fun for anyone and everyone and can be enjoyed for a lifetime. This fun, timeless sport is loved by so many millions all around the world.

At we offer fun group golf lessons for all golfers of all ages and abilities with well-qualified golf coaches that are passionate about teaching the amazing sport of golf!


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