Coach Jim

  • Bonita Springs, Florida
  • Over 30 Years Experience
  • Indoor: No
  • Outdoor: Yes
  • Seasonal: No


  • Private Golf Lessons: $125 HR
  • Semi-Private Golf Lessons: $75 HR
  • Group Golf Lessons: Contact Me
  • Playing Golf Lessons: $225
  • (9 Holes, Includes Golf Fees!)
PGTAA Certified

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Bonita Springs, Florida is a beautiful city along the gorgeous Gulf Coast. Both residents and visitors alike love the weather in Bonita which is ideal for playing golf all throughout the year. It’s tee time.

Bonita Springs is a hotbed for golf as the home of several premier golf courses and great golf events that are held throughout the year including the Southwest Florida Amateur Golf Series in July. This 2 day tournament will take place at the Spring Run Golf Club.

Looking for private golf lessons at a great price? Our affordable golf professionals are qualified to teach all ages and levels of play from beginner to advanced. Choose a golf instructor above and receive the quality golf instruction that you’ve been searching for!

Bonita Springs is loaded with golf opportunities with dozens of golf courses located throughout the city. The local driving ranges are ideal for kids and adults to start or improve their game. Why not take a golf lesson? It is one of the best ways to brush up on your swing no matter what your age or skill level. Put your skills to the test by playing in a local golf league. It is tons of fun and it is a fabulous way to meet new people. Be social and hit the course.

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“When we started working together, I had never swung a golf club. In fact, I was quite terrified of even making contact with the ground. Nick made it extremely fun and light hearted while staying focused and making sure we were on task and making progress. I now am able to play a full 18, something that sounded repulsive at the start but now I really enjoy it! He is great at what he does and I would recommend him to anyone interested!”


San Diego, California


“Brian has completely changed the way I play golf. He notices the little things that make a big difference. He can translate knowledge into easy to understand cues that have helped drop over 10 strokes a round. I would recommend Brian to anyone looking to improve their game at any level!”


Fort Myers, Florida


“I am a beginner and went to Andrew on my sister’s recommendation (she’s a Division 1 college golfer). He is nice, patient and can help a beginner to a pro! He takes ownership in my game with me and I am playing the best golf of my life!”


Richmond, Virginia


“Brian is the best! I have taken many lessons but Brian was able to break the swing down into the pure basics. We worked on correcting my slice and by the end of the lesson he had me drawing the ball by changing a few simple things!”


Boston, Massachusetts


“John listened, was positive and did not try to totally change everything I do (hand position, stance, etc). He provided some ideas of clubs to use that will broaden my options. Very pleasant experience!”


Plano, Texas


“John did a great job teaching me golf. I was able to take 20 strokes off my game after 3 lessons. He made sure I could hit with every single golf club in my bag before I went home!”


Dallas, Texas


“Garrett took about 4 strokes off my game when he told me my weight wasn’t centered…what an easy fix and I had no clue!”


Denver, Colorado