Can't Find A Golf Coach That Fits Your Needs?

My name is Adam Gislason and I am the owner of If you can't find a golf coach in your city or one that fits your needs, I would be glad to personally help you find a quality, affordable golf coach for private golf lessons, semi-private golf lessons, group golf lessons or playing lessons 0-10 miles from where you are located for all ages and all skill levels. Please click "Contact Me"!

Beginner Golf Lessons

Do you enjoy playing the great game of golf but have never just taken the time to learn the fundamentals of the sport? Why not take beginner golf lessons at It is a great place to start and beginner golf lessons are for every age group from tots to seniors. Golf is timeless and available to anyone and everyone and it’s never too early or too late to learn how to play.

Beginner golf lessons can be taken in a nice private setting with one-on-one instruction. This is a fantastic way to learn if you are looking for personalized attention and would just like to progress quickly. Beginner golf lessons can also be taught in a semi-private setting with 2 players receiving instruction together. Most golfers who choose this option are more comfortable learning alongside another player versus a private golf lesson. Taking a beginner golf lesson can also be done of course in a group setting and it is the most economical option to choose from when taking golf lessons.

Let’s face it-it’s pretty easy these days to find a nice golf course in your area, buy an inexpensive set of clubs and then hit the course in your area. However, the big question may be this: Are you even playing golf the right way? Have you developed some bad habits because you’ve never been taught how to play correctly? If that’s true, beginner golf lessons will help you out tremendously. It’s the time to develop a solid foundation of the game with beginner golf lessons which cover the drive, fairway, approach, chipping as well as putting. It’s extremely important to start out by focusing on the correct form of each stroke. As you learn the proper techniques you will then avoid the most common mistakes. The drive in golf is usually the very first shot that golfers learn to get them started.

Before you take your first shot in golf though, you need to be sure to check the way you are gripping your golf club. There are many different grips for different shots in golf and these golf grips are the foundation of all the strokes in golf and are a key element in learning the fundamentals of the game when out on the course.

Get a grip on your golf game with beginner golf lessons near you today! We are ready to serve you at with a local golf instructor that is very qualified and is passionate about teaching the basics of the game to all players of every age/level!


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